Alight Motion Apk No Watermark is a prevalent video editing app that allows you to develop photos, videos, and animations professionally on your smartphones. This app is developed by a group of developers at Alight Creative Inc., a mobile software development company established in the USA. It was released for Android as well as for iOS devices. On 17th Sep 2018 it was launched for Android devices and nearly after one year it was launched for iOS devices on 28th Jan 2019.

Since its launching date, Alight Motion Apk has gained huge vogue among its content creators encompassing all social media influencers such as YouTubers, Instagramers, and Tiktokers. One of the reasons for its high vogue globally is its developers who regularly update the app by adding new features and functionalities to go on with its user’s demands. i.e. On October 2020, Alight Motion put forward the “Animation Grouping” feature that permits its users to group animation layers together to soothe the editing. In short, Alight Motion Apk App has a brief history but gained a good reputation shortly due to its user-friendly impressive features for both Android and iOS devices.

NameAlight Motion Apk
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
CategoryVideo player and Editor
Size99 MB
SpecialtyNo watermark, XML supporter, Chroma key, No lagging, Unlocked all premium features, etc.
CompatibilityAgreeable with Android devices retaining OS of version 6.0 or above it

About Alight Motion Apk

Alight Motion is a popular video editing tool agreeable with both Android and iOS platforms. It submits a wide range of features to develop and edit your projects with professional-level quality. Some of its key features encompass multiple graphic layers, visual effects and texts, color correction, and animation. It means by exploiting these unique features and distinct tools you can develop eye-catching animations, photos, and visual effects professionally on your smartphones.

As Alight Motion online is a freemium app so you can handily download and manipulate its basic functions for free, but if you want to get access to its advanced features like the power to share projects with others and use its other premium assets then you need to purchase its paid subscription.

But an interesting thing about Alight Motion Apk Mod which I personally appreciate is that without its paid subscription you can still develop high-quality videos, images, and animations by merely using your skills and its basic features competently. 

Thrilling Features of Alight Motion APK

Alight Motion video editor is an effective animation creator as well as an editor that offers various features and tools to create professional content. Some key features of Alight Motion Apk All Version encompass;

Multiple layers:

Apk Alight Motion is an impressive editing tool that enables its content creators to add multiple layers to their projects (images, videos, graphics, and texts) to make them captivating. You can also modify the opacity of each layer to get unique effects.

Keyframe animation:

You can easily add keyframes to any variable of your project, such as position, scale, rotation, and opacity, to create smooth and influential animations. By using this feature, you can smoothly customize timing curves that will help you in animating.

2000+ Distinct Fonts:

Alight Motion free download features nearly 2000+ distinct fonts which you can manipulate for editing and designing purposes. You can also use more than one font to make your projects captivating. So be creative and add distinct texts with diverse fonts and color schemes to make your projects appealing to your target audience.

Varied Visual effects:

Manipulate the Alight Motion Pro Apk has thrilling visual effects to make your projects appealing. As it proposes a wide range of visual effects ( nearly over 100 distinct visual effects), containing color correction, blurs, transitions, and distortions. So exploit these features in your videos and images to make them impressive. Its popular visual effects include the swirl effect, pinch effect, wave wrap effect, etc.

  • Manipulate the swirl effect to generate a vortex
  • Utilize the wave wrap effect to get the wave effect
  • Use the pinch effect to focus on your project’s concave or convex point.

These effects can be effortlessly applied to images, videos as well as on animations.

Significant colour :

The colour scheme plays a key role in any project. A good color scheme can add an extra pop-up to your project whereas a bad color scheme can totally destroy your project’s appearance.  That’s why Alight Motion Pro allows its users to manage their project colour scheme completely according to their preferences. Exploit the colour correction features to manage your project colour scheme irrespective of its length.

Vector and bitmap editing:

Develop as well as edit vector graphics and bitmap pictures by using impressive tools like the pen tool, brush tool, and shape tool.

Time limit and Speed control:

Modify the time limit of your videos and animations according to your priorities with merely some clicks. As well as you can also adjust the speed of your videos and animations. Also, utilize time-lapse and slow-motion effects to make your projects magnificent.

Audio editing:

To make your projects fascinating add audio files to your project embodying voiceovers, music, and sound effects. You can also adjust the volume and timing of each audio track.

Gradient Fill Effect :

To make your animations impressive Preset Alight Motion features a gradient fill effect. Add distinct borders to your project to make them complete. By adding borders to your animations and videos you will not only make your projects complete to some extent but also captivating.

Distinguishable editing tools:

Unlike other tools, Alight Motion Apk features distinct editing tools such as colour adjustment, thrilling transitions, cool effects, and many distinct templates to make your projects exceptional.

In addition to these tools, it also submits distinct drawing as well as shaping tools with which you can easily edit your projects professionally within a few minutes only.

Support Multiple Languages :

One of the main reasons for its great vogue globally is its multi-language support feature. It supports numerous languages such as English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, etc. So undergo its exceptional editing experience in your favourite language.

Export options:

Alight Motion Premium holds up various video formats and resolutions, enclosing HD, Full HD, and 4K. You can also export your project as a GIF as well as in MP4 format. In short by exploiting this unique tool you can handily export your project in your preferred format.

Share to Social Media:

In addition to exporting your projects in your preferred format, you can share your projects to your social accounts directly by manipulating this tool. It supports direct sharing to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest, Dailymotion, etc. So share your mesmerizing projects with your friends directly from this tool and get appreciation from them.

User-Friendly Tool :

Despite its high-end features, you can effortlessly operate it due to its user-friendly interface. If you are a new bee in this field, then still you don’t have to worry because due to its straightforward user-friendly features Alight Motion mod is one of the best options for you.

With the use of your single finger merely you can handily do all chores of editing on your smartphone without being involved in the laborious chores.

Modded Features Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion Mod is a free modded variant of this unique editing tool that submits some special features in addition to its fundamental features. In this mod version, unlike its standard version, you don’t have to spend even a single rupee to access its premium features which you can only access by purchasing in its basic version.

No Watermark :

In its basic free version, you can’t export your project without a watermark. To remove the watermark from your project first, you have to purchase its paid subscription which is not so expensive but still paid. But after enrolling in this hacked version you can effortlessly export your projects without its watermark.

Chroma Key :

Chroma key is an impressive mod feature of the Alight Motion Cracked Apk that facilities its user to alter the colour of any spot of your project instantly. With this feature, you can handily alter or shift the colour of a particular spot of your project without purchasing its paid version.

Support XML:

A stand-out feature of Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk that you lack in its standard version is its XML supportive feature. With this feature, you can easily import files from any source or folder without wasting your time moving your files from one folder to another.

Supports all Presets:

To ease its users Alight Motion’s developers make it agreeable with all presets. With this feature, you can hold multiple presets that will definitely ease your editing.

Blending Modes :

With this feature, you can add distinct layers to your projects to make them captivating. In this way, you can handily do the required editing effects to your projects as well as increase or decrease the opacity of your images and videos.

Unlock all Premium Features :

In the Alight Motion Hack Apk, to access some of its premium features you have to purchase its paid subscription which is not affordable for all of us but after enrolling in this hack version you can get its all premium features for free.

Diverse Fonts Range:

Alight Motion Mod features a wide range of fonts. Simply you have to choose a particular font according to your requirements and then apply the selected font to your project to get desired results instantly.

No lagging :

Sometimes users face lagging in their freemium version due to some bugs. But in this mod version, you don’t have to worry about it because Mod Alight Motion proposes a smooth editing experience for its users by fixing all its previous bugs.

Its other modded features encompass

  • Diverse Key frame animations 
  • All VIP unlocked
  • Unlocked all effects
  • No watermark
  • Ad free
  • Free of cost

Why I am choosing Alight Motion Pro version?

Definitely after reading this blog, this question will arise in your mind why should I prefer Alight Motion Mod over other editing tools? So go through this subheading to receive your answer. Its dominant features include

  • Reserved components for reuse
  • Fluid animation
  • Customer control center
  • Chroma key
  • User-friendly tool
  • Agreeable with all Android devices
  • Supports multiple languages
  • No watermark
  • No hectic ads
  • Free to manipulate

These are some of the dominant features that make Alight Motion Hack stand out from all other editing tools. And due to these features, editors prefer its modded variant over its standard tool and other editing tools accessible on the internet.

Alight Motion Latest version proposes

  • New effects i.e contour strip, Raster Extrude, Star polyhedron
  • Time remapping
  • Downloadable presets
  • Improved performance
  • Solved previous bugs

Installation Guide

Apk Alight Motion Pro is an Android tool, which means it can be downloaded and installed on Android devices directly from the Google Play Store. However, there are some ways to use Alight Motion on PC and iOS devices as well.

Installation Step for Android

Follow the simple steps given below to install the Alight Motion App on your smartphone.

1. Search Alight Motion Apk on Google. Choose the particular website from where you like to download it. Open it and search for the download tab or download link on that particular page.

2. Download the Alight Motion Preemium Apk file from a trusted source because a single injurious file can affect your security.

3. Before installing the apk file, enable the “unknown sources” from the settings of your device.

4. Once the apk file is successfully downloaded on your device. Move to the file manager and look for the downloaded apk. Tap on the downloaded file to install it on your device. 

5. After successful installation, open the app and follow the in-app instructions.

Installation step for PC

To download Alight Motion Apk on your PC, obey these steps precisely.

  1. Firstly download a good Android emulator software like NOx Player, Blue Stacks, or Memu on your PC.

2. Secondly, Install the emulator software on your PC.

3. Thirdly, download the Alight Motion Apk from an authorized source.

4. Fourthly, open the emulator software, and pull and drop the apk file into the software.

5. In this way, Alight Motion Free Apk will be installed on the emulator and can be handily utilized on your PC.

Installation Step for iOS

To Download Alight Motion Apk for iOS :

1. Move to the App Store on your device.

2. Search “Alight MotionFree Apk Download” in the search bar.

3. If the app is functioning in your country, you can install it on your iOS device directly.

4. If it’s not functioning in your country, you can manipulate a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to alter your location to a country where the app is functional, and in this way, you can easily download the Apk Alight Motion on your iOS device.

Important Note:

  • It is not officially obtainable for PC, and there is no iOS version of the app yet. But by using third-party sources you can get itsApk for your PCs as well as for iOS devices.
  • Downloading Apkfiles from unknown sources may damage your device and data. So, it is suggested to download the Apk files from authorized sources merely.

System Requirements

ProcessorOcta-core processor with 2GHz clock speed
Operating System6.0 or above it
RAM3GB or above it
Storage250 MB
Required permissionGallery and phone storage


Alight Motion Apk is one of the best graphic designing as well as editing tools that facilitate its users to create their projects professionally on their smartphones. Its users are greatly satisfied with its exceptional features that’s why it gained numerous positive reviews from the entire world. Simply download it by clicking on the download link accessible on this page to explore its thrilling feature by yourself.

Definitely once try Alight Motion Pro if you love editing or a professional editor because you will love it for its sophisticated features. 


Does Alight Motion Mega Mod supports XML files?

Yes, Alight Motion supports XML files. By manipulating this feature you can easily import files from any folder or source which will be very helpful for you in your time consumption.

How to remove the watermark in the Alight Motion app?

There are two ways to export your projects without the watermark.

Firstly, you can remove its traditional watermark from your projects by purchasing its paid subscription

Secondly, by downloading its mod variant you can handily export your projects without a watermark. And the second option is more appropriate for those who want to export their projects without investing their precious money.